Interior stylist
with a love
for colors

          During the past 10 years, I have acquired a wealth of competencies in graphic design, e-commerce, communication, content, culture, digital aesthetics and commercial activities.

          I've done this through my education as from the IT-University with a major in communication design, as well as through work in the fashion industry as a leader in primarily digital visual fashion design and e-commerce and now as an interior stylist and writer.

          The common thread in both my education and my professional work is a passion for well-executed and aesthetically beautiful digital and offline communication - with all that it may imply.

          Currently I am working part time as Digital Director of the Copenhagen fashion stores Nué while also focusing on styling and writing for Denmarks leading interior magazines and brands.

          I am always interested in meeting new people and working on new exciting projects, so don't hesitate to reach out if you are looking for styling or consulting on either editorial or commercial projects.

Want to chat? Send me an email or message me on Instagram.